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Ken Targett

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Examples of work handled

Some of the published patent applications handled by the practice:

GB2324816 A Fire Break
GB2327689 Acoustic Insulation Systems for Buildings
EP1006847 An Improved Sleeping Bag
GB2338315 Artificial Intelligence or Common-Sense Machines
GB2313670 Assessing Warpage and Diameter of the Inside of a Tube, such as a Gun Barrel
GB2293559 Beneficiation of Saline Minerals
GB2300869 Bricklaying Gauge
IT1244857 Calzatura a Tacco Alto
GB2322829 Checking Lottery Tickets
GB2326584 Crumb Catching Devices
EP0988577 Device for Modulation of Optical Radiation and Transmission of Information
EP0891761 Dislodging or Loosening Mucus in a Person's Lungs
EP0969292 Distance Measuring Systems, Altimeters and Aircraft
GB2339021 Distance Measuring Systems, Altimeters and Aircraft
GB2331025 Educational Cardboard Toys
EP0953275 Electroacoustic Transducers Comprising Vibrating Panels
EP0923409 Electronic Display Stand
GB2335707 Engines and Pumps with Reciprocating Pistons
EP(UK)0671046 Flux Generator for a Rotary Actuator Motor with an Integrated Actuator Latch for a Disk Drive
GB2329593 Golf Marker
GB2335135     Headgear
GB2229622 High-heeled Footwear
US5195258 High-heeled Footwear
SG9791309-9 IC Engine Magnetic Fuel Conditioning Device
CN1209099 Immobiliser Devices for Engines or Vehicles
EP0869884 Immobiliser Devices for Engines or Vehicles
GB2308927 Immobiliser Devices for Engines or Vehicles
WO97/25227 Immobiliser Devices for Engines or Vehicles
GB2338204 Injection Moulding and Pressure Die Casting Machines
GB2339721 Laminated Card Articles
EP(UK)0686301 Locking Assembly for the Actuator Arm of a Hard Disk Drive
EP0785037 Method and Apparatus for Producing Container Body End Countersink
EP0936004 Method and Apparatus for Producing Container Body End Countersink (Divisional)
EP0988578 Method and Device for Switching, Amplification, Controlling and Modulation of Optical Radiation

EP1004225 Method of Radiation Heating Substrates and Applying Extruded Material
EP0875111 Mobile Portable Wireless Communication System
GB2335705 Motorcycle Immobilisers
WO99/48733 Motorcycle Immobilisers
EP0760996 Multimedia Personal Computer with Active Noise Reduction and Piezo Speakers
GB2337174 Multiplexing Analogue Video Signals
GB2319422 Multiplexing Apparatus for Video Recording System
EP0929316 Novel Product and Process for T Lymphocyte Veto
EP0914140 Parasitic Helminth Larval Thiol Specific Antioxidant Proteins, Nucleic Acid Molecules, and Uses thereof
EP0772953 Piezo Speaker and Installation Method for Laptop Personal Computer and Other Multimedia Applications
EP(UK)0738416 Plug-In Actuator Latch Mechanism
GB2337440 Portable Animal Carriers and Houses
GB2294375 Position Monitoring System
GB2335404 Power Plants for, e.g., Motor Vehicles
GB2327255 Preserving Wooden Posts for Fencing and the Like
EP0910406 Recombinant Canine Herpesviruses
EP0831971 Removing Undesired Particles from Gas Streams
GB2344325 Retractable Aircraft Undercarriages
GB2317910 Security of Windows, Doors and the like
EP0796133 Strapless Boot Binding for Snowboarding
GB2309682 Straw
GB2325197 Trailers and Storage Containers
EP0932523 Vehicle Loudspeakers
WO98/16409 Vehicle Loudspeakers
GB2318013 Video Multiplexers
GB2321358 Video Security Systems
WO94/10628 VP Code and Dynamic Binding and Translation
GB2334568 Water Supply Systems